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This is the newest version of the APT Logo - standardized across all US Chapters.  The name of each chapter will be below the Logo. Not too bad..! This logo became accepted and used across all US Chapters as of 2007.

Our logo - A little History

Our original Hawaii Association for Play Therapy Logo was designed by Christine Ahia from the Big Island and was adopted in 1998. The logo features a local boy wearing a lei po'o (head lei), who is holding up a female puppet. The lei around him is a kukui nut lei entwined with a maile lei. Each of the four main Hawaiian Islands has a certain flower or plant that is associated with the island; the kukui is the island of Moloka'i's tree. The flowers, leaves, and nuts are used in many types of leis; there are many other uses for the different parts of this tree. The kukui nuts are usually a dark brown or black color and are beautiful to wear as leis. The maile vine has very fragrant leaves, is highly cherished, and is presented on special occasions.

In the locally known Hawaiian song, "Moloka'i Nui a Hina," (Great Moloka'i of Hina), references are made to Moloka'i's mythical mother of the island, the goddess Hina. In ancient stories told throughout Polynesia, Hina appears in several different roles, including the goddess of the Moon, and as the demigod Maui's mother. Hina's domain includes the moon, fertility, fire, and the night. If you look up at the moon, perhaps you will see her there with her kapa cloth beater. The deep black color of the kukui nut is like the sky in the darkest nights of the new moon. Our logo is complex, as male and female, symbolic play, and linkage to the goddess Hina are represented, encircled by the precious maile and kukui leis.

This slightly more up-to-date version is simply a colorized version of our original logo. Nice, yeah..?!

This logo was the previous offical logo of the Association for Play Therapy.  Officially he's known as the "Dude".

This uniquely "Hawaiian Style" logo was designed by Cheryl Andaya in 2006. Though we are not supposed to use this logo as our "official" logo (by APT rules, we need to use the standard APT logo), keep an eye out for this one. I'm sure it'll re-appear from time to time!