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Caroline Sakai, PhD


Dr. Caroline Sakai is a clinical psychologist and director of the Thought Field Therapy Center. She has vast experience treating children, teens and adults and was formerly the Chief Psychologist at Kaiser Permanente. While at Kaiser she developed an intensive out-patient program, and several group programs including groups for anxiety, depression, groups for teens and children, couples workshops, and instituted the Behavioral Medicine Services in Kaiser’s primary care clinics. She has been an EMDR consultant and facilitator as well. Her dedication to empowering people, enhancing their functioning and optimizing their health through the most efficient modalities has driven her to seek out and research new treatments and currently fuels her desire to train people in Thought Field Therapy, also known as tapping. She continues to learn and share her knowledge in her training courses and her volunteer trauma relief missions.

She has led volunteer clinical teams working with TFT in Rwanda, treating posttraumatic stress disorder in genocide survivors, and training community leaders interested in learning and using TFT. Dr. Sakai also headed volunteer clinical teams to New Orleans post- Katrina to work with first responders and survivors, and works with military personnel, treating PTSD. She has been practicing TFT and conducting professional training in TFT for mental health professionals in clinics, private practice and schools since 1998. Dr. Sakai has presented at national and international conferences on TFT and is currently a sought after speaker, as Thought Field Therapy has become a widely used and efficient way to process difficult and negative emotions in both children and adults.

Presentation Description:
Attendees will be able to enhance their effectiveness in Play Therapy with self-regulation tools using energy tapping with children who are experiencing anxiety, fear, anger and frustration. Learn about how it has helped efficiently address and reduce symptoms of depression from trauma even with orphans from the Rwandan genocide. Thought Field Therapy has been widely and successfully used with children, adolescents and adults in overcoming fears and trauma with survivors of abuse, traumas and abandonment as well as with everyday stresses, conflicts and pressures.

TFT utilizes the meridian points and bilateral stimulation with a gentle tapping procedure which is believed to facilitate the information processing needed for healing a particular problem. While the explanations for how the therapy works are still being researched, the results of this therapy have led Dr. Sakai and countless others to practice TFT and to teach and continue researching one of the quickest and most effective therapeutic treatments they have found to date.

3 APT Approved CEUs included, sponsored by HAPT.

Learning Objectives:

Participants will be able to:

  1. Understand how Thought Field Therapy can be effective in treating children with differing mental health concerns in a play therapy setting and the research supporting it.

  2. Identify three emotion regulation intervention tools utilizing energy tapping and how these tools can be incorporated into play therapy practice.

  3. Practice three TFT protocols for emotion regulation with children and integrate protocols into a play therapy treatment plan.

The Hawai`i Association for Play Therapy


"Integrating Thought Field Therapy (Tapping)

with Play Therapy"

Friday, June 10, 2022

9:00am to 1:00pm